The Growth Quotient

The most critical quotient you need to master in this era of Corona and age of robots. 

Develop 4 Critical Quotients

Do you know? 

Having a good IQ or EQ is no longer sufficient in this era of the fourth industrial revolution? You need to build the Growth Quotient to be successful in this era of corona and age of robots. The book explains the need to develop a strong Growth Quotient and how to develop one.

Acquire 4 Key Standards

Do you know?

You need four foundational qualities to be successful?

  • High Ambition
  • A strong Belief system
  • Clarity on goals and ambitions
  • Undeterred Discipline

Master these critical standards 

Overcome 4 deadly shortcomings

Do you know? All successful professionals overcome these four deadly shortcomings?

  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • Unfounded Fear
  • Greed
  • Hatred


EFGH in short.

Learn how to overcome these shortcomings.

Online Resources

You can access various psychometrics, toolkits and other useful information when you purchase the book or e-learning course.

Practical methods

We will introduce you to various proven methods of using psychometrics, team collaboration, data analysis and so on.

Complete primer on communication skills

Cover the full spectrum of communication . Understand the secrets of effective communication and presentation, conflict resolution, negotiation , relationship management, delegation and the like. 

The author covers both the art and science of leadership and personal effectiveness, and the tips can be applied in the workplace. ​
Mamta Madhavan
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